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Optical Products and Chemical Solutions


Diamond wheels, carbide cutters and PCD cutters for surfacing and edging of glass and plastic lenses. Our chemical product line includes a complete assortment of optical tints and dyes, UV Inhibitor coatings, Scratch resistant coatings, and Neutralizers. We also offer coolants and defoamers for your surfacing and edging equipment.




Stone Fabrication Products


From Diamond wheel manufacturing to Diamond wheel re-truing services. Polishing innovations from Inland include a range of high value and premium pads for both wet and dry applications.  Inland manufactures a full line of Router Bit, Drill Bits, Cup Wheels, and CNC Tooling.




Glass Fabrication Products and Coolants


Diamond wheels for all applications including: peripheral edging wheels, high speed double edging wheels, resin bonded and metal bond beveling wheels for shape and straight-line beveling, cup type flat edging wheels, grooving wheels, and decorative profile wheels




Floor Polishing and Restoration


Resin and Metal bond floor polishing solutions for Concrete, Granite, and Marble. Floor pads ranging from 3mm to 8mm thick for extra long tool life.





Lapidary and Hobby Products


Flat Lap Disks and Professional grade wheels for Vertical Cabbing machines, coring bits, and Diamond drums.






CBN Wheels


CBN wheels for grinding tool steels and Stellite type materials