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Solar Glass

Inland manufactures wheels for solar glass production for all types of edgers including Bavelloni, Bottero, Glassline, Schiatti, and others. Inland’s bond matrix provides the capability of running at high speeds while producing chip free glass.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass wheels are manuufactured for all types of high speed double edgers such as Bavelloni, Besana, Bottero, Glassline and Schiatti. Our high performance bonding matrix enables the equipmentto run at extremely high speeds, produce chip free glass andprovide maximum wheel life.

Decorative Glass

Inland wheels are engineered for all types of decorative glass applications. Wheels are kept in stock for all makes of machinery and many different profiles. Profiles include pencil edge, flat with seams (arris), ogee, waterfall, and others. Thick glass wheels are also kept in stock. Inland’s high performance wheels provide maximum stock removal with little deterioration to the profile thus providing a long life wheel.

Automotive Glass

Quality engineered wheels are available for grinding both windshields and side lites. Inlands premium bonding matrix provides extremely long life for high production runs.

Re-Truing Service

Inland Diamond offers re-truing service on metal bond tooling. Re-truing restores peripheral pencil edge, flat with seams, and complex profile wheels back to their original shape so they perform like new. Retruing can also be done with metal bond and resin bonded cup wheels. Inland Diamond will re-true any manufactures tools back to their original profile. Turn around on retrue service is usually three working days. Faster service in emergency situations is available. Inland offers quick delivery of replacement wheels for wheels sent in for retrue that are deemed worn out.

Special Tooling

As a manufacturer, we can make nearly any tool for nearly any job. We have over 30 years of experience making diamond tools. We can engineer and manufacture special tools to meet the most demanding and complex profiles needed. Private label markings are available on nearly all of our products.

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