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Inland Diamond Stone Fabrication Products


CNC Re-truing

We re-true all manufacturers CNC tools.
We EDM machine your profile wheels back to their original geometry.
This process is generally completed in 7 days depending on number of wheels sent for repair.

Keep your machine running with shorter down time.
Ask about our CNC profile tool maintenance program!



CNC Tooling

Made in Good Old USA!

We manufacture standard and custom CNC profile wheels for Stone, Marble and Engineered quartz

We also offer vacuum brazed drums, non-coring bits, and 1/2 gas sink tools

Made in U.S.A!

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CNC Shaping Blades


Direct Replacement for ADI Tool Arbors * Wider slots / Faster bond 


Inland Turbo Blades

Inland manufactured blade are made to cut quickly and save the fabricator money

Perfect balance of price and performance


Vacuum Brazed Drums

Inland's patented brazed products are second to none.
Out bonding system allows for high diamond protrusion and tough mechanical bond


3 Step Pads

Inland's white* resin 3 step pads are excellent for granite and engineered stone.

Extremely flexible and will not transfer color


3 Step Pads

Inland's natural resin 3 step pads are designed for granite polishing.

Natural resin is super wear resistant for long life


Inland CU Pads

Inland's CU (metal) pads are designed for granite polishing.

High diamond concentration and metal bond makes these pads outlast standard resins 3 to 1!


Inland RM

Inland's RM Res-Met pads are designed for granite profiling and polishing.

Diamond encapsulated metal bond chips in lower grits help grind the profile while finer grits provide  an extremely bright polish


Inland DE

Inland's Dry Epoxy pads are designed for dry polishing granite at a slightly higher speed.

Perfect for installation crew using tools exceeding 2800 RPM 

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