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Inland Polish Wheels

Both BK style rubber wheels and BD style clay style wheels are kept in stock for immediate shipment for peripheral edging machines and shape edgers. Felt polish wheels, 10S, 9R and cerium impregnated wheels are available for flat cup style polish / mitre machines and beveling machinery. Available in a variety of sizes and grits.

9R Polishing Wheels

9R Polishing Wheels are made with a rubber based compound with specially selected glass polishing abrasives. They are somewhat softer and faster acting than other polishing wheels. Available in grit sizes of 40, 60, 80, and 120 these wheels are most commonly used on flat polishing machines like Bavelloni, Schiatti, Besana, Bottero, Bovone, Lattuada, Baudin, ADA, Neptun, and many others. Inland stocks these wheels in a variety of diameters and thickness. We also manufacture aluminum mounting plates for the aforementioned

machines in order to glue these polish wheels on to, thus saving money and providing a more ridged platform for the wheels.

10S Polishing Wheels

10S polishing wheels are made with a rubber based compound with specially selected glass polishing abrasives. 10S Polishing wheel are mainly used for edging,double edging,bevelling machine. They are excellent for fine polishing on bottom edge and chamfering polish.

BD Polishing Wheels

BD polishing wheels, also known as Red Clay polish wheels, are considered by many as the “Gold Standard” in glass polishing. These wheels provide the highest luster finish in the industry.
Primarily used for peripheral and V Groove polishing, Inland stocks a wide variety of diameters and thickness for your needs. We also provide pre-profiled wheels such as OG, Waterfall, Triple pencil, Bull-nose, etc. Thus reducing break-in time while maximizing production time on your decorative glass.


BK polish wheels

BK polish wheels are made of a rubber based compound with specially selected polishing abrasives. Available in 120 and 180 grit they are some of the longest lasting polishing wheels available to the industry. Inland stocks these wheels in a large variety of diameters and thickness. Most commonly used on double edgers such as the Schiatti, Besana, Bavelloni, Bottero, Glassline, etc. These wheels are also used on CNC machines such as the Intermac, Bavelloni, Bimatech, Brembana, etc.

Felt Polishing Wheels

Felt Polishing Wheels Inland’s spiral wound felt wheels are high density tightly wound quality material products that stand up to the toughest polishing tasks. They are especially absorptive of Cerium compound without swelling or mushrooming while in use. A wide range of center hole size and thickness are stocked in 150 and 130mm diameters.


Cerium Oxide Polishing Wheels
Inland’s rubber based cerium oxide polishing wheels have an especially high rare earth cerium content allowing them to work to a brighter luster at higher speeds than other similar wheels. The rubber based cerium wheel type offers much greater economies than traditional felt and cerium oxide slurry final polish. Both X3000 and X5000 types are in stock.


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