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Inland Optical Lense Tinting  Dyes 

Inland’s Perma Dyes are formulated to provide you with consistent, high-quality tinting. Perma Dye is available in a wide range of colors

Inland’s Dry Dye's are the same quality as our liquid Perma Dyes in a easy to use capsule. Save space and shipping costs

Fusion PCD Dyes
Revolutionary vibrant dyes work twice as fast as other dyes
Made for hard to tint materials


Heat Transfer Fluid is used to distribute heat evenly in tinting units.
The fluid helps to avoid hot and cold spots that can occur when using only water

PC Clear is a premium neutralizer for Polycarbonate and CR39 lenses.
Fast color removal and safe on all lenses

A solution specially formulated for the preparation of CR-39, polycarbonate and hi-index lenses prior to UV coating or tinting

PC Clear.jpg
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